Science + Culture

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Newsweek | But First, Let Me Take a Smelfie – Why one startup thinks adding scent to virtual conversations could bring us back to reality

Newsweek | Noah’s Ark Rises in Kentucky, Dinosaurs and all

Newsweek | Fly Me To the U – America’s wealthiest are touring colleges on private jets

Newsweek | King of Fratire – Tucker Max is trying to revolutionize publishing

Yoga Journal | The Good Fight: How Yoga is Making Military Personnel More Resilient

Yoga Journal | Rosie Acosta Says Yoga & a Sunny Outlook Saved Her Life

Yoga Journal | Inside the ASMR Meditation People Are Calling a Brain Orgasm

Yoga Journal | These 4 Meal Plans will Boost Energy, Mental Clarity, and Wellbeing

Glamour | Why 2017 Was a Damn Good Year to Have a Period

Glamour | Real Parents Confirm, America’s Paid Family Leave is the Worst in the World

Glamour | Pope Francis Declares Mother Teresa a Saint

Boston magazine | Cash & Carry – Chinese tourists are filling suitcases with luxe goods from local retailers — the ones that know how to tap into the market, that is

Boston magazine | 20 reasons we Loved Boston in 2014

Boston magazine | Julie Burros takes the reigns as Boston’s first chief of arts and culture in more than 20 years

Boston magazine | Maine’s Camden Toboggan Company handmakes wooden sleds for the annual National Toboggan Championship

Tufts magazine | In Love and Rugby – How Nick Nasser Became the Athletic Role Model He Never Had 

IEEE Pulse | Life Hackers – Science Promises to Revolutionize Biotech

IEEE Pulse | Looking Beyond First-World Problems – An emerging global workplace is encouraging biomedical engineers to address health issues of the developing world

Consumers Digest | Moving Companies Tricks of the Trade – How to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises

Consumers Digest | The Mourning After – Funeral homes scramble to make up for lost revenue by taking advantage of grieving consumers 


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