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12 Culturally Appropriative Words & Phrases to Stop Using Today

This Yoga Teacher is Bringing Diversity to the Yoga Retreat Industry

The Yoga Studio Artwork That’s Quietly Taking the Trump Administration to Task

The Yogi’s Guide to Better Mental Health

Newsweek | But First, Let Me Take a Smelfie – Why one startup thinks adding scent to virtual conversations could bring us back to reality

Newsweek | Noah’s Ark Rises in Kentucky, Dinosaurs and all

Newsweek | Fly Me To the U – America’s wealthiest are touring colleges on private jets

Newsweek | King of Fratire – Tucker Max is trying to revolutionize publishing

Yoga Journal | The Good Fight: How Yoga is Making Military Personnel More Resilient

Yoga Journal | Rosie Acosta Says Yoga & a Sunny Outlook Saved Her Life

Yoga Journal | How Yoga is Helping Kids with Cancer

Yoga Journal | Inside the ASMR Meditation People Are Calling a Brain Orgasm

Yoga Journal | These 4 Meal Plans will Boost Energy, Mental Clarity, and Wellbeing

Glamour | Why 2017 Was a Damn Good Year to Have a Period

Glamour | Real Parents Confirm, America’s Paid Family Leave is the Worst in the World

Glamour | Pope Francis Declares Mother Teresa a Saint

Boston magazine | Cash & Carry – Chinese tourists are filling suitcases with luxe goods from local retailers — the ones that know how to tap into the market, that is

Boston magazine | 20 reasons we Loved Boston in 2014

Boston magazine | Julie Burros takes the reigns as Boston’s first chief of arts and culture in more than 20 years

Boston magazine | Maine’s Camden Toboggan Company handmakes wooden sleds for the annual National Toboggan Championship

Tufts magazine | In Love and Rugby – How Nick Nasser Became the Athletic Role Model He Never Had 

IEEE Pulse | Life Hackers – Science Promises to Revolutionize Biotech

IEEE Pulse | Looking Beyond First-World Problems – An emerging global workplace is encouraging biomedical engineers to address health issues of the developing world

Consumers Digest | Moving Companies Tricks of the Trade – How to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises

Consumers Digest | The Mourning After – Funeral homes scramble to make up for lost revenue by taking advantage of grieving consumers 


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